The CompTIA  certification is beneficial for anyone who wants to learn more about computer technology. It is especially beneficial for beginners, who will be able to move on to other areas of computer knowledge after acquiring this certification.

A+ core1

CompTIA A+ 220-1101 covers mobile devices, networking technology, hardware, virtualization and cloud computing.

50+ Hours

A+ core2

CompTIA A+ 220-1102 covers operating systems, security, software and operational procedures

50+ Hours


Security+ is the most popular certification for verifying baseline cybersecurity skills, and is commonly chosen by corporations and defense organizations. It emphasizes practical skills over theory, which is why it is better prepared for solving today’s complex issues.

35+ Hours


By taking the CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) certification, you’ll be able to use behavioral analytics to identify and prevent cybersecurity threats on your networks and devices. This certification will help you stay ahead of the curve and protect your organization from potential threats.

35+ Hours


CASP+ is the only certification that is focused on performance-based assessment of advanced cybersecurity skills. This certification is ideal for professionals who have attained the advanced skill level of cybersecurity. CASP+ certification provides the knowledge and skills needed to implement solutions within existing cybersecurity policies and frameworks.

35+ Hours


CompTIA PenTest+ is a comprehensive exam that covers all aspects of penetration testing. This exam is different than other exams because it has performance-based and knowledge-based questions. This ensures that all aspects of penetration testing are covered.

35+ Hours


CompTIA Network+ is the best certification for people who want to work on networks on any platform. This certification covers the specific skills that network professionals need. Other certifications are too broad and don’t cover the specific skills and knowledge that network professionals need today.

35+ Hours


The CompTIA Cloud+ certification is the only performance-based IT certification that is focused on cloud-based infrastructure services. It validates the technical skills needed to secure these services in a cloud-based environment.

35+ Hours


The Linux+ certification validates the skills that IT professionals need to secure an enterprise and power the cloud, and it is also good for cybersecurity engineers and penetration testers.


35+ Hours


The CompTIA Server+ certification validates the skills of IT professionals who work with servers in data centers and on-premise and hybrid environments.

The Server+ certification is the only certification that can certify that IT professionals are able to do the job in any environment.

35+ Hours


The CompTIA Project+ exam is designed for IT professionals who are responsible for managing small-to-medium-sized projects. The successful candidate will have the knowledge and skills required to: manage the project life cycle, ensure appropriate communication, manage resources and stakeholders.

35+ Hours

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